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Women's Diamond Chain

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Women's Black Heart Necklace 165-00088

Gorgeous 14K Yellow gold Diamond Heart Necklace

$1,540.00  $399.99

Diamond In Motion Necklace 160-00767

Incredible uniquely new style diamond necklace, with the slightest hint of movement, it truly dances in this design, you're going to just love it.

$3,120.00  $399.99

Sapphire & Diamond Infinity Necklace 160-00766

14K White Gold with Sapphire In Motion of this gorgeous Infinity Diamond Frame Necklace Made To Perfection.

$3,210.00  $699.99

Diamond In Motion Necklace 160-00764

10K Rose Gold Diamond Necklace , with the slightest movement its dances and sparks that makes it this unique piece.

$3,120.00  $399.99

18K Diamond Heart Pendant & Chain 001

This Exquisite Diamond Pendant And Chain showcases 3.50 Princess-Cut Diamonds Expertly Crafted In Sparkling 18K Yellow Gold.

$4,500.00  $1,799.99

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